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[Help-smalltalk] Re: TK_Browser_fails_to_start_on_Ubuntu_Dapper

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Re: TK_Browser_fails_to_start_on_Ubuntu_Dapper
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 09:46:04 +0200
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Same here... for GTK i have another problem too when loading the package:

Loading package GTK
"Scavenging... 83% reclaimed, done"
"Scavenging... 73% reclaimed, done"
"Scavenging... 64% reclaimed, done"
"Scavenging... 77% reclaimed, done"
Recompiling classes...
Recompiling class: GTK.GtkRequisition class
Recompiling selector: #sizeof
a Smalltalk string:1: parse error, expected identifier or binary operator or

It seems running better than stable 2.2 which didn't find C functions, this
seems a lighter bug... what about?

Yes, can you send the sizeof.c and/or the file to me? Both can be found in the build directory, the latter is also installed.

Object: nil error: did not understand #type
Object: CFunctionDescriptor error: primitive operation failed
SystemExceptions.PrimitiveFailed class(Smalltalk.Exception class)>>#signal
Smalltalk.CFunctionDescriptor class(Smalltalk.Object)>>#primitiveFailed
Smalltalk.CFunctionDescriptor class>>#for:returning:withArgs:
optimized [] in Smalltalk.Class>>#initializeAsRootClass

For these, can you try evaluating this? It will produce quite a huge output -- I'm interesteed in the lines just around the "Object: nil error: did not understand #type"

    Object registerHandler: [ :method :ann |
        method printNl
            rewriteAsCCall: (ann arguments at: 1)
            returning: (ann arguments at: 2)
            args: (ann arguments at: 3) ]
        forPragma: #cCall:returning:args:.
    PackageLoader fileInPackage: 'GTK'!

> Maybe a traceback with a full report of
> where the error has been encountered should be implemented in GST,
> don't you think so?

You mean the filename/line?


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