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[Help-smalltalk] Community sprint

From: Luca Bruno
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Community sprint
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 11:25:01 +0200
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i'm creating a simple homepage (from an HTML template :P), i'm not a good graphic but i think updates must be done in order to gain people.

An about page: what's smalltalk, what's GNU smalltalk, its features, purposes and objectives. A community page: simply describe the mailing list and how to contribute to GNU smalltalk trough code and bug reporting
Screenshots page of blox-tk and gtk environments
Comparisong between existing smalltalk versions
A CVS page describing how to fetch smalltalk and make diffs.

The logo: the smalltalk baloon with the gnu on it

Why i'm going to leave Squeak:
1) License problems with distributions
2) It's not friendly for scripting as GST is
3) C interfacing is made easier in GST (i was creating SqueakGTK for instance, i don't i'm indeed to continue it) 4) People would install GST instead of Squeak to run your smalltalk application (just ask)

What are my dreams:
1) Have a good set of libraries
2) Create scalable and portable applications in smalltalk (GST is the unique choice at the moment)

This smalltalk implementation is currently unknown, but it can be really important if we gain community... just this.

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