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[Help-smalltalk] Creating "echo" in GNU Smalltalk

From: Bram Neijt
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Creating "echo" in GNU Smalltalk
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 12:42:36 +0200


Well, I've set out to create a tutorial. But, found that I wasn't able
to do it right at any moment.

I would like to create the program "echo". Without any of the fancy
commandline flags, just the bare core, so:

Smalltalk arguments do: [ :a| Transcript nextPutAll: a] separatedBy: [
Transcript nextPutAll: ' ']!

That takes care of the source. Now the hard parts...
- How do I create a usable, distributable image without distributing
the source. (My source is hopelessly distributed over hundreds of
files with allot of secrets ;-) )
- How could I make it replace my current echo binary (although not
currently possible, without the extra flags). In short: make it
'self-contained' or executable.


PS and Offtopic: is there a way to load another image and call an
object within that image? Effectively using other images as libraries?

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