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Re: [Help-smalltalk] BLOX vs GTK

From: Mike Anderson
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] BLOX vs GTK
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 11:49:49 +0000
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David Given wrote:
> Mike Anderson wrote:
> [...]
>>What I forgot to say earlier is that, while I think the bindings are
>>very usable for small Gtk apps, if I was going to write a large Gtk
>>application, I would have another go at improving the header parser.
>>Currently there are quite a lot of things missing which are actually
>>quite crucial, even though they don't appear so at first. I'm thinking
>>of things like support for drag and drop.
> You could always port SWIG; it already does this, autogenerating bindings for
> Perl, PHP, Tcl, Ruby, Python, Java, Guile, Mzscheme, Chicken, Ocaml, Pike, and
> C# (he says, cut and pasting from the Debian package description). It
> shouldn't be hard to make it generate Smalltalk as well.

Yes, a while back I posted about Sport when I meant SWIG (hey, it's hard
 to keep track sometimes).

> However, I'd strongly suggest going for something like wxWidgets instead of
> GTK. That way you gain platform portability. GTK is nice and all, but you
> really don't want to use it on Windows or OSX --- it runs, but looks dreadful.
> wxWidgets will give you a consistent API with native look and feel on all
> (supported) platforms.

I'd agree totally, but wxWidgets is C++, isn't it? That means we'd need
a C wrapper unless such a thing already exists.

[Personally, I run GIMP on Windows, and it looks fine to me. I don't
understand how you (and other people) can describe it as dreadful]


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