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[Help-smalltalk] [patch] make STInST file-ins work again

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] [patch] make STInST file-ins work again
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 21:38:33 -0500
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smalltalk--backstage--2.2--patch-39 (against backstage patch-38 and devo patch-410, also attached) makes fileins when the 'Compiler' package is loaded possible again. Note that devo 410's Parser currently doesn't load without backstage 38.

Before #methodsFor:compiler:class: was moved to STEvaluationDriver, the
only reason Compiler seemed to work was because the special case where
the current parser is merely modified, where its class was
STFileInParser, always applied because parser replacement was rare if
not nonexistent.

With this patch, I can load TCP (as well as Presource et al). I commented out the special case to test the parser replacement, and was also able to load TCP then.

The STParserScanner was named when I thought I might need to hold onto the parser in it; I left that in there in case making it rely on the parser more continuously in the context of the parser's releaseScannerTo:.

Incidentally this also makes RBMethodNode>>#primitiveSources handle the shift away from FileSegments to MappedCollections.

Stephen Compall
But you know how reluctant paranormal phenomena are to reveal
themselves when skeptics are present. --Robert Sheaffer, SkI 9/2003

2007-06-23  Stephen Compall  <address@hidden>

        * compiler/ (RBMethodNode>>#primitiveSources):
        Handle MappedCollections as source instead of FileSegments.

        * compiler/ (STParserScanner): New class.  Use it
        to allow other parsers to rescan tokens from some parser.

        (STEvaluationDriver>>#methodsFor:parsingWith:compiler:class:): Add
        parsingWith: argument and handle separation of evaluate:/compile:
        driver and parser.
        (Behavior>>#methodsFor:ifTrue:): Send to the driver, not the parser.

--- orig/compiler/
+++ mod/compiler/
@@ -960,13 +960,9 @@
     ^self arguments copyWith: self body!
-    | sourceString offset |
     self tags isEmpty ifTrue: [^#()].
-    sourceString := self source asString.
-    offset := self start - 1.
-    ^self tags 
-       collect: [:each | sourceString copyFrom: each first - offset
-                                      to: each last - offset]!
+    ^self tags collect: [:each | source copyFrom: each first
+                                       to: each last]!
     ^(self isUnary or: [self isKeyword]) not!

--- orig/compiler/
+++ mod/compiler/
@@ -29,6 +29,30 @@
+Object subclass: #STParserScanner
+       instanceVariableNames: 'parser scanner unusedTokens'
+       classVariableNames: ''
+       poolDictionaries: ''
+       category: 'System-Compiler'
+STParserScanner comment:
+'I provide RBScanner''s important protocols for use in another Parser
+by extracting tokens from a scanner owned by a particular parser.  In
+other words, by giving me to another parser, you can subcontract
+parsing from one parser to the other.
+My main purpose is to account for lookahead tokens, so they are not
+hidden from other objects trying to work with a RBParser''s scanner.
+    parser
+       The parser I come from.
+    scanner
+       Said parser''s real scanner.
+    unusedTokens
+       See #unusedTokens:.'
 STParsingDriver subclass: #STEvaluationDriver
        instanceVariableNames: 'curCategory curClass curCompilerClass evalFor 
lastResult method'
        classVariableNames: ''
@@ -38,11 +62,104 @@
 STEvaluationDriver comment:
 'I am an STParsingDriver that compiles code that you file in.'!
+!STParserScanner class methodsFor: 'instance creation'!
+overscanFrom: aParser scanning: aScanner
+    "Answer a new instances that treats aParser's implicit scanner
+     token sequence as my own."
+    ^self new parser: aParser scanner: aScanner; yourself
+! !
+!STParserScanner methodsFor: 'accessing'!
+    ^unusedTokens isEmpty
+       ifTrue: [scanner atEnd]
+       ifFalse: [unusedTokens first isMemberOf: RBToken]
+    ^unusedTokens isEmpty
+       ifTrue: [scanner next]
+       ifFalse: [unusedTokens removeFirst]
+    ^scanner getComments
+    ^scanner stream
+    "I don't know why RBParser sends this, but here it is."
+    ^scanner stripSeparators
+unusedTokens: tokens
+    "Make `tokens' a list that should be reread by any parser that
+     takes control of the effective token stream."
+    unusedTokens addAllFirst: tokens.
+! !
+!STParserScanner methodsFor: 'private'!
+    "Information used by a parser to (re)set its internal state."
+    ^unusedTokens
+parser: aParser scanner: aScanner
+    parser := aParser.
+    scanner := aScanner.
+    unusedTokens := OrderedCollection new: 2.
+! !
+!RBParser methodsFor: 'accessing'!
+    "Answer the tokens I have read from the scanner but not
+     processed."
+    ^{currentToken. nextToken} copyWithout: nil
+releaseScannerTo: aBlock
+    "Invoke aBlock with my effective scanner, during which that
+     scanner can be owned by a different parser.  After aBlock exits,
+     I assume that I own the scanner's token stream again.  Answer
+     aBlock's result.
+     If you read tokens from the scanner, but don't use them, you must
+     push them back on with #unusedTokens:."
+    | delegateScanner |
+    delegateScanner := STParserScanner overscanFrom: self scanning: scanner.
+    delegateScanner unusedTokens: self unusedTokens.
+    ^[aBlock value: delegateScanner]
+       ensure: [| unused |
+                unused := delegateScanner unusedTokens.
+                currentToken := unused at: 1 ifAbsent: [nil].
+                nextToken := unused at: 2 ifAbsent: [nil].
+                unused size > 2 ifTrue:
+                    [SystemExceptions.InvalidValue
+                         signalOn: unused
+                         reason: 'too many enqueued tokens']]
+! !
 !STEvaluationDriver class methodsFor: 'accessing'!
-methodsFor: aString compiler: compilerClass class: aClass
-    | ctx |
+methodsFor: aString parsingWith: parser compiler: compilerClass class: aClass
+    "Search the current context stack for another evaluation driver,
+     copy its error block and scanner to a new instance of `parser',
+     and compile the method definition list following the #methodsFor:
+     invocation implied by this message that was just read by that
+     other evaluation driver/parser.  Answer the new instance of
+     myself.
+     If the outer driver's parser is the same, just reuse that
+     driver/parser combo instead."
+    | ctx driver |
     ctx := thisContext.
     [ ctx selector == #evaluate: ] whileFalse: [
        ctx := ctx parentContext.
@@ -54,25 +171,26 @@
-    self == ctx receiver class ifTrue: [
-       ^ctx receiver
-           methodsFor: aString
-           compiler: compilerClass
-           class: aClass
-    ].
-    "Create a new parser and invoke it.  It will eat the text from 
-     the current parser, which will be automagically fooled..."
-    ^self new
-       errorBlock: ctx receiver errorBlock;
-       scanner: ctx receiver scanner;
-       methodsFor: aString
-       compiler: compilerClass
-       class: aClass;
-       parseMethodDefinitionList;
-       yourself
+    "Optimization where #evaluatorClass is left alone: If the outer
+     parser has the same class as the parser I will create, change the
+     outer driver to #compile: for my arguments."
+    (parser isNil or: [ctx receiver parser isMemberOf: parser])
+       ifTrue: [^ctx receiver methodsFor: aString
+                              compiler: compilerClass
+                              class: aClass; yourself].
+    driver := self new.
+    driver methodsFor: aString
+          compiler: compilerClass
+          class: aClass.
+    ctx receiver parser releaseScannerTo: [:scanner | | parseProc |
+       (parseProc := parser new)
+           errorBlock: ctx receiver errorBlock;
+           scanner: scanner;
+           driver: driver;
+           parseMethodDefinitionList.
+       scanner unusedTokens: parseProc unusedTokens].
+    ^driver
 ! !
 !STEvaluationDriver methodsFor: 'accessing'!
@@ -132,19 +250,21 @@
-    "This method is present for symmetry with #parserClass.  It
-     specifies the class that will be used to drive evaluation
-     of Smalltalk source code."
+    "Answer the class to be used by an STEvaluationDriver to parse
+     method definition chunks for this class, and by my own evaluating
+     methods to parse expressions.
+     In the former case, an instance of the class will be created and
+     sent #parseMethodDefinitionList, or the same will be done with
+     the currently active parser (the one that parsed the doit that
+     sent #methodsFor:, which cannot be so easily changed in the
+     current framework) if this method answers nil."
-    "This method specifies which class will be used by an
-     STEvaluationDriver to parse method definition chunk.  An instance of
-     the class will be created and sent #parseMethodDefinitionList,
-     or the same will be done with the currently active parser
-     (the one that parsed the doit that sent #methodsFor:) if
-     this method answers nil."
+    "Answer the class to be used by my method-compiling methods to
+     parse methods for delivery to my #compilerClass."
 ! !
@@ -226,8 +346,9 @@
 methodsFor: aString ifTrue: realCompile
-    self evaluatorClass
+    ^STInST.STEvaluationDriver
        methodsFor: aString
+       parsingWith: self evaluatorClass
        compiler: (realCompile
            ifTrue: [ self compilerClass ]
            ifFalse: [ STInST.STFakeCompiler ])

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