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[Help-smalltalk] GObject support

From: Ildar Mulyukov
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] GObject support
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 14:53:30 +0600

        Hello, smalltalk people!

Gtk support in gst is unique in Smalltalk world. An experience of 
adopting the Gtk is well-known in some projects. I know of GTK# very 
well. They scan header files using a perl program and reconstruct the 
whole GTK object hierarchy, just like in gst. OK then.

Some thing that we should learn:

1. This is actually not a "Gtk" API, it is GObject-based API. E.g. GTK# 
call it GAPI.

2. Therefore this API is not restricted to just Gtk, there are lots of 
other useful APIs worth adopting. GDA would give you a great database 
access to a wide range of DB engines (so called DBMS'). Glade is UI 
building library. Gnome, Gmime, a lot more!

3. Additionally using SqueakDotNet I found that they use blocks as a 
callback "functions", not selectors (as in gst Gtk package). This looks 
elegant and universal, though I doubt that it's possible in gst. 

Any ideas? Feedback is very much welcome.

Best regards, Ildar.

Note: I am really a newbie in Smalltalk, though having a long period of 
programming in past. I like Test Driven Development and some other 
extreme programming (XP) practices. Looking forward to participate in 
gst project. 
Ildar  Mulyukov, 
  free SW designer/programmer
email: address@hidden
ALT Linux Sisyphus

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