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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Switching to git

From: Ildar Mulyukov
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Switching to git
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 11:41:54 +0600

        For newbies:

On 15.01.2008 20:40:54, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
GNU Smalltalk's Git repository can be accessed through HTTP as well as
through the faster Git protocol. Either of the following commands will
clone GNU Smalltalk's repository on your machine:
There's a tradition to advice reading "Everyday GIT" and both Tutorials to newbies. You can find those in your local Git documentation or Git website. For Russian-speakers has some useful bits of info.

You can also browse the Git repository within a web browser.

Several GUIs available, that give a very good presentation for both newbies and experienced. Worth to notice are qgit and giggle.

You can prepare a patch "the old way" (i.e. just by doing a single commit in your master branch). Just send out the URL for the branch and the sha1 identifier for the commit (you get it from "git log", the first 8-10 characters are enough) and I'll cherry-pick it.

If you don't have a public repo, git-diff is to help in "plain text patch" manner.

Git is a great and flexible. It worth time you spend to learn it.

Best regards, Ildar.
Ildar  Mulyukov,  free SW designer/programmer
email: address@hidden
ALT Linux Sisyphus

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