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[Help-smalltalk] Interactor and the new syntax

From: Jeronimo Pellegrini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Interactor and the new syntax
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 11:14:53 -0300
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I am using GNU Smalltalk 3.0.1 with the Emacs interactor, but I am having
some problems.

The first is that the key "!" now seems to be bound to a function
"smalltalk-bang", which seems to jump to the end of the chass
definition. I used that in the past to define methods, like

!MyClass methodsFor: 'stuff'!
   oneMethod | parameter otherParameter |
       "Method implementation goes here" !

I suppose this will not work anymore because of the new class definition
syntax? If that is the case, then is there some way I can edit my old
files without having to convert them all to the new sytnax?

BTW, the ne syntax confused me a bit. 
I suppose the new syntax is the one used in the tutorial in the manual?

Object subclass: MyClass [
    | var1 var2 |
    oneMethod [


Object subclass: #MyClass.
MyClass instanceVariableNames: 'var1 var2'.

MyClass class extend [
    oneMethod [


Also, every time I hit C-c d to send something through gst the focus
goes to the gst-mode buffer, so I have to keep hitting C-x o to
go back to the editing buffer. Is there some way to configure
gst-mode/smalltalk-mode so I can stay in the edit buffer even
after performing a doIt?

Thank you very much,

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