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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Google Summer of Code

From: Robin Redeker
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Google Summer of Code
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 10:39:09 +0100
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On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 04:47:55PM -0500, Stephen Compall wrote:
> Paolo Bonzini <address@hidden> writes:
> > The Free Software Foundation should have been the organization for
> > GST. I'll ask what happened (or did I miss it, either?) and check if
> > ESUG is also sponsoring Smalltalk-based projects for next summer.
> I suppose it's under "GNU Project".

Well, I can't find any of Paolos Smalltalk ideas on

I could of course try to apply for a smalltalk project anyways.

I thought the mentor knew whether he is going to be mentoring :)


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