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[Help-smalltalk] Encountering errors when compiling GNU Smalltalk on Win

From: Canol Gokel
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Encountering errors when compiling GNU Smalltalk on Windows
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 10:24:36 +0000 (UTC)
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I am trying to compile GNU Smalltalk 3.x on Windows via Cygwin. I succesfully
installed 2.x series but when trying to build 3.x series, after make command, I
get an error and compilation stops after a while. Is there a log file I can send
so that we can figure out what is the problem or should I just copy a few of the
last lines of the terminal output? I tried building 3.0.3 and 3.0b also tried
the latest source code via the;a=snapshot;h=master link. I
installed GNU Smalltalk 3.x on my Fedora 9 system using YUM but I also want it
on my Windows XP :)

Canol Gokel

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