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[Help-smalltalk] Guide: Building on Windows

From: Giuseppe Luigi Punzi
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Guide: Building on Windows
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 23:03:19 +0200
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Canol, can you read it, and give me your ok? If so, Paolo, do you think is usefull to put in the wiki?

To be completed, is neede to put how to "extract" all the needed files from Msys folder, but I need to do some testing before.

I was to put it, but I think is better to get an Ok before doing some on official web.


Most of us use Linux or MacOS, but, in this times, a Windows Box is needed at home, work etc..

We, as Software developers, as people thath need to express our ideas as applications, need GNU Smalltalk (GST) running on Windows too.

The process to get GST on this system is "easy" if you follow the next steps.

1.- Requeriments.

1.1.- MingW32: You can download from Here:

1.2.- MSYS: Until now (30/05/2008) the easy way for install MSYS is installing 1.0.10 version.

1.3.- InfoZIP: Download from

1.4.- TCL and TK sources: and

1.5.- GST, of course:

2.- First Steps (I will take deafult paths installations, and glpunzi as the username)

2.1.- Install Mingw32 with g++ compiler

2.2.- Install MSYS. In postinstall, tell the path for MingW32. C:/MinGW/

2.3.- Extract zip.exe from InfoZip on C:\Msys\1.0\bin

2.4.- Open Msys to create your user, and extract TCL, TK, and GST zip files to your MSYS home directory for example. C:\Msys\home\glpunzi

2.5.- From Msys, go to your home an enter on tcl8.4.19/win folder (cd /home/glpunzi/tcl8.4.19).

2.6.- Type: ./configure; make; make install

2.7.- Repeat step 3.6 on tk folder (cd /home/glpunzi/tk8.4.19/win)

2.8.- Go where you extracted GST (cd /home/glpunzi/smalltalk-3.0b) and type:
./configure --with-tcl=/home/glpunzi/tcl8.4.19/win --with-tk=/home/glpunzi/tk8.4.19/win
make install

3.- Now, you have a pretty GST running on Windows. From a Windows shell, go to C:\Msys\1.0\local\bin an execute gst to get the GST shell or gst-blox to open the GUI. It's important don't put the extension .exe

There are some bugs, but we need your help to improve it.

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