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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Building on Windows XP

From: Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Building on Windows XP
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 20:07:50 +0200

Hi again list.

Paolo, I think you don't answered this mail.


El 31/05/2008, a las 11:27, Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz escribió:

Is not more easy to do something like this: (with relative paths)
- Search this scripts in script folder where gst was called. ifFalse[
- Search this scripts on the same path where gst was called.] ifFalse[
- Search this scripts on scripts fodler when gst binary resides] ifFalse [
- Search this scripts on the same path where gst resides] ifFalse[
- Search this scripts on lib folder ........]

With this usage, if you can, for example, do some changes to for testing purposes, Create a scripts folder with and change it, and if it fails, you only need to rename it to load the "original". What do you think?

Sorry for the ifFalse..I'm on Newbie-Smalltalk-Mode now :D

I'm like a kid with new shoes :D (this is an spanish expression, I don't know if it understand in english).

El 31/05/2008, a las 11:16, Paolo Bonzini escribió:

Remove lines 34-38 of C:\msys\1.1\local\share\smalltalk\scripts \ to fix this.
Ok, I ill try, but, Why it links to this folder? If this, we can not release a windows binary as it.

That folder is created by "make install". There is a relatively complicated thing known as "relocatable installation", but it is too early to experiment with it if the "normal" installation has to be sorted out yet. :-)


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