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[Help-smalltalk] [bug] check fails

From: Stephen Woolerton
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] [bug] check fails
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 13:12:01 -0700

Issue status update for Post a follow up:

Project:      GNU Smalltalk
Version:      <none>
Component:    Build
Category:     bug reports
Priority:     normal
Assigned to:  Unassigned
Reported by:  swoolerton
Updated by:   swoolerton
Status:       active

Tested on Mac OS X 10.5.5 and RedHat Linux 5.2 64 bit.

When make check is run, test #7, does not complete - the
test hangs. Comment added as below allows the test to complete:-

Eval [
  g := PiSeries new.
  9 timesRepeat: [ g := g accelerate ].
"    pi := g peek.
  pi numerator size printNl.
  pi denominator size printNl.
  (pi * 100000) asInteger "

The failure of to complete has been observed on installs in
the 3.0.x series as well (Mac OS X, Redhat Linux and Gentoo Linux).

Note: When the tests were run in version 3.0.x, it was possible to
Ctrl-C when hung, the testsuit would then continue. Under
3.1, pressing Ctrl-C does not halt the test (on Linux or Mac OS X), and
one has to go into the process list and kill the process, at which point
the tests will continue. The old behaviour was easier to work with...
comments welcome on what has changed and if we can have the old
behaviour back.


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