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[Help-smalltalk] profiling for gst

From: Derek Zhou
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] profiling for gst
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 22:39:53 -0800
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I am writing a byte code profiler for gst and had preliminary success. Right 
now it can record detail call graph and number of byte code executed in each 
method and export a report that is compatible with callgrind (valgrind) thus 
viewable with kcachegrind. The caveat is that the number of byte codes executed 
is not very representive of the actual time spent but this is as good as I can 
get without being too intrusive to the virtual machine.

It will be small (~100 lines of c code and ~200 lines of smalltalk) and 
intimate to the virtual machine so I think the best place for it to be is in 
the gst distribution itself. Is something like this desired? If so, I can 
polish it up, refresh it with the latest git head and post it as a couple of 


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