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[Help-smalltalk] PATCH0/2: byte code profiling for gst

From: Derek Zhou
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] PATCH0/2: byte code profiling for gst
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 12:02:39 -0800
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These patches add profiling support to gst. 

Smalltalk profileOn.
... [ the code you want to profile ]
Smalltalk profileOff.
CallGraph new printCallGraphToFile: 'profile.out'.

Which will generate a callgrind compatible profile 'profile.out' which can be 
viewed by kcachegrind. 
* profilerOn and profileOff can be called multiple times.
* you can reset the profiler by 
Smalltalk resetProfiler
* CallGraph new will capture the current profile. You can capture multiple 
* the report can be generated in 2 different ways controlled by 
CallGraph seperateBlocks: [true|false]
default is false, which will lump the cost of any block closure into the 
defining method. When true, all block closures will be treated as separate 


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