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[Help-smalltalk] committed reorganization of Win32 event handling

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] committed reorganization of Win32 event handling
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 09:34:49 +0200
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I finally finished the reorganization of sysdep code I started last weekend:

1) last weekend I separated the sysdep code into various pieces in the sysdep/ directory, organized by "topic" and OS, and duplicated events.c (previously considered non-system-dependent, but actually relying heavily on POSIX features) into sysdep/posix/events.c and sysdep/win32/events.c.

2) now I rewrote sysdep/win32/events.c to use native Win32 APIs; so I was also able to figure out the common parts, and move them back to libgst/events.c.

The Win32 code is still not very commented and not very readable; the approach is totally different from POSIX because it signals Smalltalk semaphores from a separate thread rather than from signal handlers. In the future, however, this may turn out to be the way to go even for POSIX (via libevent)!

While I wrote the code independently, after the fact I noticed that putty uses the same approach. This cannot be bad.

3) at the same time, sockets became a bit more intertwined with the event handling machinery, so I moved socket code into the main DLL. You will still have to load the package (it's just the C module that is no more).

The good news are threefolded. First, the POSIX code sees just functions moving around; the actually code is basically untouched. This is good for stability. Second, some very ugly code for Win32 (the emulation of poll, and signalx.*) goes away: the net effect is like -600 lines of code. Third, despite extremely light testing, it is less buggy than before---at least "Sockets.Socket microTest" works.

Besides including VisualGST, I think we're now feature-complete for 3.2.


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