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[Help-smalltalk] About a book on GNU Smalltalk

From: Canol Gokel
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] About a book on GNU Smalltalk
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 09:24:35 +0000 (UTC)
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I had an idea back one or two years ago about writing an "absolute beginner to
programming" book which uses GNU Smalltalk as the tool to teach programming. And
I have done a lot of work on it but after my lessons got a little harder at
university now I cannot find time to finish it. Instead of leaving it decay on
one of my folders I decided to post about it and maybe find other volunteers to
complete the book. You can get the draft pdf at:

It is about 95 pages long. Although maybe 80% of the content is completed there
are also a lot of content to be written. I have annotated the missing parts via
triple brackets for example:

[[[Write here the reason of the output]]]

Some points worth mentioning:

 - I have written the book in OpenOffice.Org but have a positive look for a
rewrite in LaTeX, DocBook or something other but please keep the look of the
current draft as much as possible cause I give importance about the look and

 - I also give importance about what subjects to mention and in what order but
we can discuss about it later if there are volunteers :)

 - I don't know much about licensing, we might need a person who has knowledge
about the subject.

I think such a book can make GST get attention by a lot of newcomers. Also we
can make it available at Lulu and donate the income to GNU (or GNU Smalltalk
directly?) to help the development.

Are there any volunteers to continue the effort?

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