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Re: [Help-smalltalk] SEGF in gst_initialize

From: Roland Plüss
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] SEGF in gst_initialize
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 02:43:53 +0100
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> On 11/01/2009 12:09 AM, Roland Plüss wrote:
>> I can understand that but is it not bad to begin with to cause a SEGF in
>> the first place? It's just that when my apps cause a SEGF at any place
>> red flags come up immediatly.
> If you are asking the OS to report writes into the "old generation" by
> write-protecting pages, the OS has no way to do so but raising a
> SIGSEGV (or similar exception under Mac OS/Mach and Windows).
> Again, that's not a real problem.  When a SIGSEGV is really an error
> and is turned into a SIGABRT, the backtrace is totally recognizable
> and you get the fault address in the backtrace.
To my understanding SEGF means that you write somewhere where you are
not supposed to be allowed to write. There are situations where it is
needed like in console emulation where you work with funky hardware but
is this really required for a scripting/programming language? I'm rather
astonished smalltalk uses SEGFs for control flow. I thought with that
simple and clear design such tricks are not required. Looks though like
I'm wrong there.

Yours sincerely
Plüss Roland

Leader and Head Programmer
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