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[Help-smalltalk] Re: [bug] GLib warnings

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Re: [bug] GLib warnings
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 11:01:13 -0700

Issue status update for Post a follow up:

Project:      GNU Smalltalk
Version:      <none>
Component:    VisualGST
Category:     bug reports
Priority:     critical
Assigned to:  MrGwen
Reported by:  MrGwen
Updated by:   bonzinip
Status:       active

1. is this after my patches from the weekend, or also without them?
It seems that Nicolas Petton has the same bug after the support of
oopType and Categories in the namespaces.
2. this is a visualgst rather than gst-gtk bug, right?
It seems but this is strange I've this bug after an update of libgtk
(Ubuntu 9.04 -> 9.10). I'll look into libgtk source code to see what
happens ...

They probably added the warnings in a new release, that's it.

I think you just have some category that is not found in the tree.

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