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[Help-smalltalk] Re: [bug] Build failure on Mac OS X 10.6.1

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Re: [bug] Build failure on Mac OS X 10.6.1
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 14:57:47 -0700

Issue status update for Post a follow up:

Project:      GNU Smalltalk
Version:      <none>
Component:    Build
Category:     bug reports
Priority:     normal
Assigned to:  Unassigned
Reported by:  dpollet
Updated by:   bonzinip
Status:       active

Cairo is now sought with pkg-config.  I'm not sure it will work to use
the Cairo bindings directly, because those just do dlopen("libcairo"),
but it should be enough when the GTK package is also loaded.

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