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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Re: brainstorming about gst-package and fetching re

From: Nicolas Petton
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Re: brainstorming about gst-package and fetching remote packages
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 2009 00:00:09 +0100

> sorry Nico for abusing my admin privileges :-) and modifying your package).

Hehe, no problem :)
> For example, to "register" Iliad the procedure is as follows:
> 1) add a <url>git://</git> element to 
> his package.xml; the latest in the gst repo does 
> include the possibility to create an url tag.  In fact, you are all 
> welcome to add <url> tags to your package.xml files even now (except for 
> VisualGST).
> 2) publish the package.xml file in his git repo (it doesn't matter if it 
> is automatically generated, it is for greater good!...);
> 3) go to and save 
> as the 
> package.xml file for Iliad.
> Now, will magically 
> include a git:// URL that gst-package could use to clone the repository, 
> make an file and install it.
> All that's left is to remove the last "could"! :-)

That's just great! Thanks Paolo, you came up with a very solution :)



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