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[Help-smalltalk] How to use trees with OrderedCollections etc

From: Bèrto ëd Sèra
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] How to use trees with OrderedCollections etc
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 08:46:10 +0200

Hi all,

one more stupid question. I've been building a UI mockup happily
quoting the sample that reads

      tree := (Iliad.Tree new)
                 item: Object;
                 childrenBlock: [:class | class subclasses];
                 contentsBlock: [:e :class | e text: class name]

it works perfectly. Then I spent quite a long time getting stuff out
of PG, decoding the XML to make it in objects and I finally have
something I can use. It's anOrderedCollection of symbols (uuids,
actually) that I will later turn into properly localized objects
depending on what language the users has chosen.

It looks like:
An instance of OrderedCollection
  firstIndex: 8
  lastIndex: 16
  contents: [
    [1]: #'1aa75482-4e61-11de-a0cb-e7dd9793c483'
    [2]: #'d39605ea-7929-11de-9575-839884ebf70c'
    [3]: #'d3973a46-7929-11de-b337-4fd741cce41e'
    [4]: #'d3984bca-7929-11de-a337-bb66b2b01db0'
    [5]: #'d39968f2-7929-11de-bb33-83f0278053f7'
    [6]: #'d39a6ebe-7929-11de-8ea2-5bd631a2b97f'
    [7]: #'d39c66b0-7929-11de-9f31-1fcdae4e56a0'
    [8]: #'d39d7e24-7929-11de-8f93-733ef5534d68'
    [9]: #'d39e76a8-7929-11de-ad21-73754236fffa'

Now, my idea was to move up the mock a bit by showing the uuids. Note
that in this case it's not really a tree, yet. It will probably get to
be one, but even if it doesn't I'd rather have the same widget for all
lists, so users do not have to learn too much stuff before they can
use the app.

Now, I probably need some sleep badly, but for the life of me I cannot
figure out how to pass this collection to the tree and have it shown
as a simple list. So while I wait for someone to shed light on my
dumbness I'll go on with other parts of the code.


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