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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Iliad: I must be misunderstanding some basic fo

From: Stefan Schmiedl
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Iliad: I must be misunderstanding some basic form behaviour...
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 11:34:52 +0100

Hi Bèrto,

On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 06:20:38 +0200
Bèrto ëd Sèra <address@hidden> wrote:

> Got it... I'm not using a button to submit the form, but rather an
> anchor. The reason i cannot use buttons is that we want button text to
> be "localisable in place", so it needs to show a "localization status"
> to authorized localizers (green, yellow, red ball for
> localized/fuzzy/missing status) and a MouseOver on this ball opens the
> localisation editor.
> Only I cannot seem to understand how I can submit a form using an
> anchor (a CSS button, that is)...

What I have in my current onlinetester:

        b := form radio 
          id: id;
          name: group;
          action: [ self postAnswer: i to: frage ].

Looking into a fairly recent iliad source tree:

$ grep beSubmitOn .
./Core/XHTMLElements/    beSubmitOnChange [
./Core/XHTMLElements/     self beSubmitOnEvent: 'change'
./Core/XHTMLElements/    beSubmitOnClick [
./Core/XHTMLElements/     self beSubmitOnEvent: 'click'
./Core/XHTMLElements/    beSubmitOnEvent: aString [
./More/Examples/          beSubmitOnClick;

So I guess that

  form a beSubmitOnClick; ...

should work.


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