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[Help-smalltalk] Re: Windows build

From: freddie.akeroyd
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Windows build
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 10:36:03 -0000

> Hi. 

> I try to install automake and autoconf, but fail to do so. I think I'd
> m4 instal before autoconf and automake. 

> m4 installation not successful either. I tried with other version of
m4, I
> still got same error. Is there any sequence I need to follow in
> these packages that I'll need to build gst?

> Can you show me what I will need (every single one), from scratch to
> gst. cygwin, libtool etc. My pc have msys, mingw and others. I'm not
sure if
> they contribute to problem I'm facing. Therefore, I might need to
> uninstall/delete everything and start all over again.

> Thanks for you help.

> Ang Beepeng


I haven't built Smalltalk on Windows for a while, but Cygwin should have
all the packages you need available via the standard web installer. In
the "Devel" set of packages you will find automake, autoconf, libtool,
git etc. and then you can use "git" to get the latest version of
smalltalk and build with:

autoreconf -vi

If you haven't installed the appropriate cygwin version of a package,
then it is possible cygwin will locate one elsewhere on your computer
and cause problems. The safest option might be to remove, or else make
sure they are not in your windows PATH, other autoconf, m4, libtool etc.
versions. Alternatively, you can type in cygwin e.g.

which m4

To see where a particular command is located - you should see something
like "/usr/bin/m4" but if it starts with "/cygdrive/c/..." then it has
located a version elsewhere on the computer that may cause problems

If you want to later use MinGW, then you can avoid having to install
autoconf etc. there by typing "make dist" in the cygwin environment to
create a "smalltalk-3.1.tar.gz" file which will have configure already
included - copy to and unpack this file in your MinGW environment


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