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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Windows build

From: Ang Beepeng
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Windows build
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 06:15:23 -0800 (PST)

Hi, thanks a lot for your help.

I followed your instruction, I install cygwin-devel. I have InfoZip, with
its directory set in environment variable "PATH". I get gst source with git.
Start building gst with:

autoreconf -vi

I get errors at make.

I redo process above several times, I got the same thing. I tried both with
smalltalk-3.1 and smalltalk-3.0.
What can I do? Do you have any idea what goes wrong?


Ang Beepeng

freddie.akeroyd wrote:
> Hi,
> I haven't built Smalltalk on Windows for a while, but Cygwin should have
> all the packages you need available via the standard web installer. In
> the "Devel" set of packages you will find automake, autoconf, libtool,
> git etc. and then you can use "git" to get the latest version of
> smalltalk and build with:
> autoreconf -vi
> ./configure
> make
> If you haven't installed the appropriate cygwin version of a package,
> then it is possible cygwin will locate one elsewhere on your computer
> and cause problems. The safest option might be to remove, or else make
> sure they are not in your windows PATH, other autoconf, m4, libtool etc.
> versions. Alternatively, you can type in cygwin e.g.
> which m4
> To see where a particular command is located - you should see something
> like "/usr/bin/m4" but if it starts with "/cygdrive/c/..." then it has
> located a version elsewhere on the computer that may cause problems
> If you want to later use MinGW, then you can avoid having to install
> autoconf etc. there by typing "make dist" in the cygwin environment to
> create a "smalltalk-3.1.tar.gz" file which will have configure already
> included - copy to and unpack this file in your MinGW environment
> Regards,
> Freddie
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