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[Help-smalltalk] 64-bit compatibility

From: Alexey Zakhlestin
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] 64-bit compatibility
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 02:42:35 +0300

I get segfault in libgst/oop.c:740 in 64-bit mode.

problem seems to originate here (line 735):
int size = SIZE_TO_BYTES (TO_INT(oop->object->objSize));

looks like TO_INT() macro does something wrong and size is assigned to 
incorrectly large number…

related definitions:

  objSize is defined as OOP

  typedef struct oop_s *OOP;

  struct oop_s
    gst_object object;
    unsigned long flags;                /* FIXME, use uintptr_t */

  #define TO_INT(oop) \
    ((intptr_t)(oop) >> 1)

do I correctly understand, that the problem is related to that "FIXME"?

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