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[Help-smalltalk] GST on Solaris 8

From: Rick Flower
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] GST on Solaris 8
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 13:38:54 -0800
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Hi all.. 

I'm new to GST and tried to build for Solaris 8 and found a few 
issues as indicated below.. Some of these have worse side-effects 
than others.. I suspect some of these issues may be resolved if 
we were running on a newer version of Solaris (e.g. 10).

1) configure script does not detect nanosleep() -- likely because 
   it resides in on Solaris (requiring the user to add 
   "-lrt" to the LIBS line in the Makefile(s).  The side effect 
   of this is that the process test (when doing a 'make check' will
   hang indefinately because it uses usleep() which apparently
   has issues on Solaris 8.

2) On Solaris 8 (not sure about 10), trunc(), truncf(), truncl(), 
   lrint(), lrintf(), powl() are all missing -- this causes problems
   when building prims.def or prims.inl.  For now I've removed the 
   offending function references in prims.def/inl which causes 
   floating point operations to dump core with a stack overflow..  
   Perhaps not a good fix..  :(

3) On Solaris 8, when building lib-src/sincosl.c, gcc (different 
   versions) complain about how sincosl_table is defined.  It is 
   defined as a static at the top of the file and then there's 
   some code referencing it in the middle of that file and at the
   end of the file is the initialization array for it.. I moved the 
   initialization to the top and used only one declaration.. Not
   sure if that's good or bad.  Below is the error I get when 
   building this file:

In file included from sinl.c:53:
sincosl.c:231: error: non-static declaration of 'sincosl_table' follows
static declaration
sincosl.c:101: note: previous declaration of 'sincosl_table' was here

For now I'm trying to find some replacements for the above functions
mentioned in #3 above.. If it matters, I had various linker issues
as well and rebuilt gcc-4.4.2 and various libraries (gdbm, readline,etc)
to make gst happy when linking.. 

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