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[Help-smalltalk] RE: [squeak-dev] RE: [vwnc] GSoC idea: Brainstorming po

From: Paul Baumann
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] RE: [squeak-dev] RE: [vwnc] GSoC idea: Brainstorming portal for better community decision process
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 17:11:03 -0500

>>> So "report" is the end goal?
>> Not a big fancy report for big bosses of course. But a result in some easy 
>> understand form to base further decisions on.

Yes, communication and understanding is one benefit of a consensus tool. It was 
too harsh of me to say "no benefit". I wish you all the best on that tool. It 
is something you believe in, and that is enough to gain my respect.

>> Remember that majority voting usually leaves a substantial percent of
>> voters unsatisfied, which is not good and can lead to polarization of a 
>> community.

Interesting that the conversation went there. It has been a personal project of 
mine to demonstrate a voting system that avoids polarization entirely. If you, 
or anyone else, is willing to create a website for national attention to 
demonstrate a new voting system then let me know. It gets to the root of our 
national problems, but isn't something the established political parties will 
like. Either party could run with this this idea to help them gain in the next 
election, but it ultimately means the end of the two party system as we know it 
so it has to have popular support to remain an issue after the election. A web 
example would be helpful, but I'm not creative in that way. Not sure what the 
ad revenues could be from the site, but they'd be all yours.

Paul Baumann

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