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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Bus error while building GST 3.2 on SPARC Linux

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Bus error while building GST 3.2 on SPARC Linux
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 16:01:03 +0200
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Can you try --disable-generational-gc?

Yes, it works!

Something is getting wrong with the generational gc then..

Adding Bruno, who is the other (and main) author of libsigsegv.

Here is the backtrace that Gabriel is seeing:

Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
[Switching to Thread 16384 (LWP 2541)]
_gst_mem_alloc (h=0x38fd8, sz=184) at alloc.c:222
222           blk-> = mem->next;
(gdb) bt
#0  _gst_mem_alloc (h=0x38fd8, sz=184) at alloc.c:222
#1  0x20061054 in _gst_tenure_oop (oop=0x203bb888) at oop.c:736
#2  0x20062aac in tenure_one_object () at oop.c:1619
#3 0x20062a1c in queue_put (q=0x20113b38, src=0x244352c0, n=7) at oop.c:1548
#4  0x200634f0 in _gst_copy_an_oop (oop=0x203d7d80) at oop.c:2066
#5  0x20063124 in scan_grey_pages () at oop.c:1844
#6  0x20062e60 in copy_oops () at oop.c:1752
#7  0x200620cc in _gst_scavenge () at oop.c:1226
#8  0x200b2390 in activate_new_context (size=17, sendArgs=1) at interp.c:829
#9  0x200a0e04 in _gst_send_message_internal (sendSelector=0x11, sendArgs=1,
   receiver=0x2040f028, method_class=0x83) at interp-bc.inl:306
#10 0x200a9fd4 in _gst_interpret (processOOP=0x2040efd8) at vm.def:713
#11 0x200b48dc in _gst_nvmsg_send (receiver=0x203e7118,
   sendSelector=0x203acf00, args=0x3f04f304, sendArgs=2) at interp.c:2271
#12 0x2008328c in _gst_va_msg_sendf (resultPtr=0x3f04f51c,
fmt=0x200d9580 "%s %o value: %o value: %o", ap=0x3f04f510) at callin.c:304
#13 0x20083b3c in _gst_msg_sendf (resultPtr=0x3f04f51c,
   fmt=0x200d9580 "%s %o value: %o value: %o") at callin.c:379
#14 0x200551a8 in install_method (methodOOP=0x2040efc8) at comp.c:2637
#15 0x2005127c in _gst_compile_method (method=0x293190, returnLast=false,
   install=true) at comp.c:922
#16 0x20041540 in parse_method (p=0x3f04f8e8, at_end=93) at gst-parse.c:1131
#17 0x2003fd24 in parse_class_definition (p=0x3f04f8e8, classOOP=0x2040e170,

It really looks like SPARC can send SIGBUS on an invalid memory access.

What do you think about unconditionally registering an handler for both SIGSEGV and SIGBUS, basically dropping signals-*.h?


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