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[Help-smalltalk] GNU Smalltalk 3.2.3 released

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] GNU Smalltalk 3.2.3 released
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 00:03:20 +0100
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As a prize for the loyal community members who organized the 
GNU Smalltalk/VisualGST sprint, GNU Smalltalk 3.2.3 has been
released at

  SHA1 checksum: 036cf06a9fac8986cfced6fe953b92fcac853d3e

  SHA1 checksum: 9f9065490695e88240c5f0e9b88c3c6d6d631eef

This is a minor release, but it includes a few new features. The most
important is support for HTTPS in gst-package, subject to the presence
of the GnuTLS library to be present in the host.

* Class attributes can have more than 1 keyword.

* Documented #byteArrayOut C call argument passing mode.

* Fixed crash when an invalid UnicodeString was created using

* Fixed deadlock with #atEnd and two-way pipes.

* Fixed bugs when adding instance variables to an existing class.

* Fixed Socket>>#isPeerAlive falsely returning true.

* Fixed some bugs in UTF-7 conversion.

* FreeBSD port and 64-bit Darwin port.  The latter requires a
pre-installed libsigsegv.

* "gst-convert -f squeak" reads binary selectors with more than two
characters; however they should be shortened with rewrite rules
to use the output.

* gst-doc can generate sensible documentation for a package if
some of its prerequisite are not loaded, even if some of the
package's classes subclass from the prerequisite.

* GTK+ bindings are generated correctly for newer versions of GLib
(tested up to 2.26).

* If found, pre-installed libsigsegv, libffi and libltdl are used by

* Improvements for Emacs mode.  Installation of Emacs mode detects
Debian's /etc/emacs/site-start.d, and a --with-lispstartdir option
is provided for distributions that are not Red Hat- or Debian-based.

* Machine-specific optimizations for x86-64, and other microoptimizations
resulting in small but consistent performance improvements.

* More out of memory conditions are detected.

* New methods: ByteArray>>#castTo:, ByteArray>>#asCData,
String>>#asCData, UndefinedObject>>#inheritsFrom:

* New goodie: Announcements.

* Number class>>#readFrom: can parse numbers in scientific notation.

* Package descriptions do not need to include a <file> item for each
<filein> item.  However, it is still possible to include them for
backwards compatibility, and it is possible to include a source file
as both <filein> and <built-file> (so that gst-package --dist will
skip it).

* Packages can be downloaded using HTTPS if GnuTLS libraries are

* Performance statistics printed by -V are now correct.

* Scoped methods ("A class >> a") can be used in an "A class [ ... ]"

* Semaphore>>#wait returns nil if the wait was interrupted externally
(e.g. from Process>>#resume).

* String>>#asCData: and String>>#asCData NULL-terminate their output.

* Support for timeouts when waiting on a Semaphore.

* Swazoo supports SCGI.  Its configuration however is still manual,
since the Seaside and Iliad adaptors do not know about it.

* Updated VisualGST.

Special thanks to Gwenael Casaccio, Holger Hans Peter Freyre, Nicolas
Petton, Mathieu Suen for helping with many of the above features and for
testing the development versions of GNU Smalltalk.

Paolo Bonzini

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