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[Help-smalltalk] esug not accepted at google summer of code 2011?

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] esug not accepted at google summer of code 2011?
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 10:27:24 +0100


It looks like none of ESUG, Squeak, Pharo are in the list at

If you have a project that can be done in GNU Smalltalk, I suggest
that you direct students to it and submit it under the GNU project,
where I am co-admin.


1) does gst work on Windows?

A: in theory yes, in practice it's simpler if you direct your student
to Linux.  Due to this special occasion I'll make a new release on

2) will the code need to have a specific license?

a: no, as long as it is GPL-compatible.  MIT/X11 or BSD is fine.

3) who will help with installing GNU Smalltalk and so on?

a: debian has packages that are quite up-to-date.  Otherwise, people
at address@hidden will be friendly.

4) can we use the cool app that janko made last year?

a: yes, but remember that we'll be competing with non-Smalltalk gnu
projects so we should submit very early.

5) can i write code that runs in squeak/pharo/vw?

a: GNU Smalltalk is ANSI-compliant and has ports for many libraries.
You can even develop in squeak/pharo/etc. but you should set aside a
few weeks to ensure portability.  The final code samples for Google
would need to run in gst.

6) who will be mentoring the projects?

a: I'll probably ask people from the GNU Smalltalk community to be co-mentors.


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