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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Double errors!

From: Phen0m
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Double errors!
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 05:27:50 -0700 (PDT)

Oh yes, I didn't see those forums where linked.
Nice, thanks.
I'll post that way until now.
I tried to signal the bug, but it didn't work on the official site, as I
still didn't have the confirmation mail... anyway.

So, as for my problem, my last attempt didn't work. Here is what I wanted to
send you first:

Sylvain "Phen0m" Saubier wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> First and foremost, I may introduce myself. Ahem.
> I'm a 18 years old Frenchie and I'm rather new to the world of computer
> programming.
> A world in which I came through the door of the algorithms, which I
> learned the basics using a book. Then, I thought I was ready to apply my
> skills with a real programming language and, having heard a lot of great
> things concerning Smalltalk, I decided give it a try (my English allows me
> to assume the fact that there is indeed very few French things on the
> subject). 
> I started with the awesome /Pharo by Example/, which made me understand
> quickly the fun and innovative aspects of this programming language. I
> really like the philosophy and the OO conception.
> However, as I would like to be able to program and design my own indie
> video games, I was about to change my mind and go with /ActionScript3/, in
> order to use popular Flash libraries (like FlashPunk or Flixel, if someone
> knows) and especially built for video games development, using
> FlashDevelop and Flex SDK. Indeed, what I would like to do is simple 2D
> games, like the one we can see in the real indie community (not all those
> crappy browser games), that shows up their games every year at the 
> /IGF/ .
> Though, frustrated by the complexity of AS3, if finally came back to ST.
> But I was facing a problem: I had to find the right tools.
> While I could be building all my engines, physics and graphics tools by
> myself, it would probably be a huge loss of time. This was until I
> discovered GNU Smalltalk, which interfaces OpenGL, Cairo and, above all,
> SDL (if I'm not mistaken), which is one of the most used library on the
> indie game community. Moreover, I really like as well the GST philosophy
> ("for those who can type") and I'm planning to migrate on Linux.
> Unfortunately, at the time, I'm still on Windows and so began to read your
> very nice /Computer Programming using GST/ to get started.
> Unfortunately, I have a problem to install GST using MinGW/MSYS latest
> build and then I came here to request your help. Indeed, I managed to
> compile Tcl8.5.10 and Tk8.5.10 I guess (I didn't watch the terminal during
> all the compilation but it came to the end). Then, I tried to build GST
> but it fails on the very last command 'make install'.
> Here's a screenshot of the bug: 
> As I'm far to be an expert, I may require some explanations as I don't
> perfectly get everything yet.
> Hope you'll take the time to answer me.
> Bets regards.
> Sylvain Saubier
> ---

I'm obviously open to every advice and suggestion.

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