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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Roadmap

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Roadmap
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 14:48:32 +0100
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Il 16/01/2013 22:38, Janko Mivšek ha scritto:
>>> >> Any interest to port Aida/Web framework to GST? Cuis guys are just doing
>>> >> that, so in parallel I can help you with a port too. Of course if there
>>> >> will be some maintainer of that port for a long-term ...
>> > I tried to download a MCZ file to check how much work it would be. What I
>> > am interested in is how to do you maintain the different versions? E.g. if
>> > someone submits a patch does it need to be submitted for ACME VM? How do 
>> > you
>> > make sure that all versions work equal?
> Aida code is pretty portable, that is, if during porting some
> nonportable code is found, then a least common denominator between
> dialects is tried to be first found. If not found then the dialect
> specific method is marked as such in method comment, like "Squeak
> specific". There are not much such methods. To found them you have a
> special browser (on VW for now) to find and browse them.
> Currently main development is continuous on VisualWorks and continuously
> production tested, then a Squeak/Pharo port is done and released
> together with VW as public release. Other ports like Dolphin is done
> later by a dialect specific maintainer.
> So, a patch would be submitted on GST, later ported to VW and production
> tested, then down-ported to all other dialects. This is how is a current
> procedure but this can be changed of course.

Honestly, I'd be reluctant to do that because I am still waiting for my
Swazoo improvements (both portability fixes and performance
improvements) to be committed, after 2 years---even though I did the
porting to Pharo myself and submitted nice changesets.


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