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[Help-smalltalk] Project proposal for GSoC 2014

From: Pallavi Jha
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Project proposal for GSoC 2014
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 05:25:20 +0545

Hi All,

I am Pallavi Kumari Jha. I want to apply for Google Summer of Code 2014. I
have sound Knowledge of C, C++, Python, Cmocka unit testing framework and
Python unit testing framework.

I have recently worked on an open source project named "Unit Test SSSD" as
one of the accepted intern in Outreach Program for Women December 10,2013 -
March 10,2014. Link to some my work done[0]. The project required sound
knowledge of C, talloc, tevent and familiarization with cmocka testing

I came across the proposed idea "GNU Smalltalk" mentioned [1] as one of the
GSoC 2014 projects. I am really interested in this project and would like
to take it as my GSoC 2014 project. Kindly guide me how to get started with



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