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[Help-smalltalk] Problem when using NCurses

From: olivier auverlot
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Problem when using NCurses
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 11:49:42 +0200


I try to use NCurses with GNU Smalltalk but I have some difficulties.

I have downloaded the version 3.2.5 of GNU Smalltalk and compiled it on a
Debian server (8.3 - 64 bits).

Gst works fine but if I try to use NCurses with the code:

PackageLoader fileInPackage: 'NCurses'.
NCWindow clock

I got the following error message:

Object: CFunctionDescriptor new: 1 "<0x7f23abdbb2c0>" error: Invalid C
call-out initscr
SystemExceptions.CInterfaceError(Exception)>>signal (
SystemExceptions.CInterfaceError class(Exception class)>>signal:
CFunctionDescriptor(CCallable)>>callInto: (
NCWindow class>>primInitScr (
NCWindow class>>initscr (
NCWindow class>>clock (
UndefinedObject>>executeStatements (a String:1)

libncurses is already installed in my system and I have no error at
compile time.

Someone has an idea ?

Best regards


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