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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Process & Fork

From: Holger Freyther
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Process & Fork
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 19:53:38 +0800

> On 21. Jul 2019, at 00:59, Quenio dos Santos <address@hidden> wrote:


> I haven't been able to compiler master on MacOS. I installed GCC and 
> configured as follows, but it still seems to be using CLANG:

You can use CC=/usr/loca.../gcc on configure and make ti pick GCC but either 
clang or
gcc should be fine.

> $ configure --prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/gcc/9.1.0 
> --with-gmp=/usr/local/Cellar/gcc/9.1.0
> ...
> $ make
> ...
> cd packages/net && /Applications/
>   CC       gnutls-wrapper.o
>   CCLD     gnutls-wrapper

can you use make V=1 to show me the link line? It seems it is not linking to 
GNUtls at all.
Maybe have a look at config.log as well to see how gnutls support was found.

But. At this stage you should already have a ./gst in the build/src directory. 
Can you see
if it handles the process switching better?


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