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Re: Multiprocessoring

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Multiprocessoring
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2020 17:00:14 +0200 (CEST)

By default "configure" seems to configure with

grep PREEMPT config.h

undefined.  That also compiles on Solaris, and I don't see much difference,
but that may be my lack of knowledge on this.

All I can say is that they both compile and seem to work, but further
testing is required, I suppose.

Without the --enable-preemption "gmake check" gives

ERROR: 132 tests were run,
2 failed (1 expected failure).
3 tests were skipped.

For "gmake check" I have to set the PATH to include /usr/gnu/bin/ because the 
testsuite script uses AWK syntax that requires GNU awk.

A guess is that those tests do not actually test the preemption multiprocessing 
feature ...
I don't know.

David Stes

----- Op 3 jun 2020 om 15:29 schreef Wolfgang Dann

> Am Mittwoch, den 03.06.2020, 10:04 +0200 schrieb stes@PANDORA.BE:
>> ----- Op 30 mei 2020 om 19:14 schreef Wolfgang Dann
>> > Does anybody has experience with configure --enable-preemption?
>> > It looks like there is code in the VM. Does it work with Linux
>> > at least?
>> >
>> > regards Wolfgang
>> Hi,
>> I am not familiar with this feature, but because I read about it
>> here:
>> [tests]
>> The Iconv failure is also happening in the non-preemption case.
>> I don't know more about this
>>   --enable-preemption     enable preemptive multitasking
>> but I can only report that it seems to configure and compile/build on
>> Solaris.
>> Regards,
>> David Stes
> I did not look closer at it by now. I wanted to know if anybody
> has experience with this before that. If I am right the code should
> enable OS threads for GNU Smalltalk. All other implementations
> of smalltalk I looked at just use green threads, that means they
> are threading in smalltalk itself, so they cannot use more than one
> core. I don't have any multithreading code in smalltalk by now.
> If you have some code that uses multithreading, you could watch
> if GNU Smalltalk starts OS processes or uses more than one core at
> a time.
> I was really astound that GNU Smalltalk has this kind of option.
> I watched a discussion of the squeak developers who had no clue how
> to do it with squeak and if it's possible at all with smalltalk.
> Here are some links:

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