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openGL, glut, freeglut, modernGL???? in get

From: etienne delacroix
Subject: openGL, glut, freeglut, modernGL???? in get
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2020 16:55:23 +0200

hello , i reseive mails frim the gnu-smalltalk list after being unable to
use for. quite along time. good news.
   gnu smalltalk has been a miracle for me as it allowed me to convert a
julia based 2D program developped on top of freeglut using mu own .SO
library and julia....binding that library to gnu-smalltalk wored like a
charm using the DLD addLibrary mechanism...
     now i would like to use the openGL GLUT packages in GNU-ST but these
do not seem to bind to there a ay to enter in contact with
people in the GST galaxy that could help me in modifying the openGL GLUT
gst packages to use freeglut.    the main reason is that freeglut has a
single event. function
which glut does not have as it only has  glutMainLoop ....

using glutMainLoopEvent from within a  text menu command loop did allow me
to explore  openGL interactively from the terminal under gst....

so getting a freeglut. package working just like the glut package would be
priceless for me....can anyone help?

   a second request would of course to have some sort of examples to use
modern opemGL and shqders from GST

       i have had problems posting to the gnu-mailing list so i send this
one directly to you, hoping that in the future it will be possible to post
on the list
    best regards
etienne delacroix

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