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printNl question

From: Duke Normandin
Subject: printNl question
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2021 15:47:41 -0600

I've decided to give gnu-smalltalk another chance to convince me. ;)

I'm using Canol Gökel's "Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk" to teach 
myself the language.

My solution to the very first exercise in the book involves sending repetitive 
printLn messages to strings. It got the job done, but it also prints out the 
'single quotes' along with the string. NOT what I was expecting.

However, when I used Transcript show:'blah';cr.
the output was correct (without the 'single quotes').

What's going on with printLn? I'm probably not seeing the obvious, so I'm glad 
that this mailing list exist and that there's still some gnu-smalltalk 
enthusiast lurking here. TIA ...

Duke Normandin

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