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[Help-source-highlight] Re: java2html CGI problems.

From: Lorenzo Bettini
Subject: [Help-source-highlight] Re: java2html CGI problems.
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 08:03:19 +0200

Hi Johan!

Johan Redestig wrote:
> Hello Bettini,
> I have been using the java2html program for some time
> now and have been very happy with it. Earlier today I
> decided to update to the newer version of the program.
> I am using it within a bunch of perl cgi programs and
> i ran into some very unexpected problems.
> The program started to complain about invalid
> commandline options that I sertainly did not pass to
> it. After having dug though the code for a while now I
> realized that there is a new feature in the program
> that makes it behave like a cgi application itself.
> This turns out to be a big problem for me.
> My problem is that I am executing java2html from
> within a perl process, the perl process is executed by
> apache (as a common cgi process). The java2html
> process is thus a child process of the perlprocess.
> The child process is passed the environment variables
> of its parent. Since the parent is passed cgi specific
> environment variables, so is java2html. In the newer
> version java2html looks for these varables and
> believes that it should do something with them. The
> thing is that I cannot make java2html not look for
> these variables.
> Personally I am somewhat sceptic about the cgi feature
> altogether, no other GNU commandline tool does this.
> The normal way of aproaching the problem is to use
> tools from within a script.
> I'll be happy to contribute code that adds another
> option "--look-for-cgi-variables" or something like
> that, but wanted your view on the subject first.

Actually I hadn't considered that (and I didn't add CGI features
personally);  I think your solution is great!  So if you feel like
adding and handling this option please go ahead, and please let me know
if you need further help!

> And one more, thanks for the wonderful pice of
> software!

thank you for the feedback and help :-)


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