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[Help-source-highlight] Tinkering on Ksrc2html

From: Martin Gebert
Subject: [Help-source-highlight] Tinkering on Ksrc2html
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2003 16:55:55 +0200
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Hi all!

I need your help.
No, don't be afraid, it ain't much work. ;-)

If you know my KDE frontent for source-highlight, Ksrc2html 
<>, you know that in the Color & 
Style dialog there are syntax samples to show the currently selected style for this 
syntax item (as available in the j2h files). These samples are C++ specific, and I want 
them to be dynamic, according to the chosen source language. If a kind of syntax item 
isn't available in the language, the whole row will be hidden (e. g. Python knows no code 
blocks, curly brackets are symbols).
The current sample texts are:

Normal:         argc
Keyword:        else
Type:           char
String:         "string"
Comment:        /*text*/
Number:         1234
Preproc:        #include
Symbol          <>+-
Function:       exit()
Block brackets: {}

I now would like to know which of these items aren't supported by which 
source-highlight source type, and which sample text you'd suggest for the 
others. The sample shouldn't exceed 8 characters, and it should be 
representative for this syntax item.
I need esp. help on Java, Perl, PHP3, Ruby, Flex and ChangeLog, for I don't 
know them good enough. So if one of you knows one of these, please sit down for 
some minutes and give me the short list. Feel free to provide more feedback if 
you like. *g*

Thanks for helping!


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