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[Help-source-highlight] Re: xml highlight problem

From: Lorenzo Bettini
Subject: [Help-source-highlight] Re: xml highlight problem
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 19:41:31 +0200
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Michele Mattioni wrote:
hi list,
I'm using source-highligth and it seems to work very well.

Although I found a problem when I start from the xml language and
convert it in latex monocromatic output under special condition.

The problem is on the tag format of the xml, for example

<tag>content</tag> works
<my_tag>content</my_tag> doesn't work. I think the main problem is the
non escape of the _ in the process and the tag is no recognised as one.
For this problem the highlight is misplaced ..

the output is, for the first (LaTeX example, I didn't tried the other


and for the second...

of course it should be:

Hope this mail is clear enough to point out, the problem.

I'm not on the list yet (Moderator approval pending), so could you
please attach me in CC, or approve my subscription?
thanks :)

Hi Michele

no the problem is in the xml language definition file which does not include _ as a viable character in a tag name.

Attached, you find the fixed xml.lang definition file, which now highlights xml file correctly.

I take the chance to ask anyone whether there are other characters for tags in xml (and html as well, so also the html.lang file should be fixed accordingly) besides : and _?

thanks for the feedback!

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