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Re: [Help-source-highlight] QSource-Highlight 0.2

From: Matthias Pospiech
Subject: Re: [Help-source-highlight] QSource-Highlight 0.2
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 21:57:01 +0100
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Lorenzo Bettini schrieb:

actually they're both platform independent; it's true that they rely on a unix-like system for building, but in windows you have both cygwin and mingw/msys for that. Indeed there's a windows build of source-highlight that I did with mingw:

Actually I want to build it on my own. I need a mingw build compatible with the mingw Version of Qt 4.5 and a Visual Studio build for Version 2005, 2008 and soon 2010.

So what I really need is a solution to build the libary on windows on my own. What I do not understand in the first place is how I run the configure script without sh.


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