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Re: [Help-source-highlight] Support for Google Protocol Buffers protobuf

From: Joel Smith
Subject: Re: [Help-source-highlight] Support for Google Protocol Buffers protobuf language (.proto)
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 14:01:33 -0700
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Lorenzo Bettini wrote:
don't excuse yourself, it was my fault to leave around which is quite old and I haven't been using it for years myself: I'll remove it asap :)
Thanks for being responsive.

and many thanks for your patch with proto language definition file. By the way, many compliments for the way you wrote the patch: together with all modifications to the configuration files and with the test for the test suite, well done indeed :)
Anything a contributor can do to make it easier for the program's author increases the likelihood of the patch being accepted, right? It was really nice to work with a system that is well designed so that supporting a new syntax was almost trivially easy. Thanks for the great program!

Which reminds me, I missed at least one thing that needed to be updated for protobufs... the docs. This snippet should be added to my earlier patch:

diff --git a/doc/index.html b/doc/index.html
index 499f4d7..d063ed3 100644
--- a/doc/index.html
+++ b/doc/index.html
@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ supported
<li> <i>Postscript</i></li>
<li> <i>Prolog</i></li>
<li> <i>Properties files</i></li>
+<li> <i>Protobuf</i></li>
<li> <i>Python</i></li>
<li> <i>RPM Spec files</i></li>
<li> <i>Ruby</i></li>


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