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Re: [Help-source-highlight] Incorrect tab handling

From: Lorenzo Bettini
Subject: Re: [Help-source-highlight] Incorrect tab handling
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 14:18:52 +0200
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On 26/08/2014 06:53, Toshiaki Yoshida wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think that source-highlight may incorrectly convert tabs to spaces
> when the option `--gen-references' is used.
> I have attached the test code to this email.
> I used the following options:
> $ source-highlight -d -n --gen-references=inline test.c
> If the `--gen-references' option isn't specified, tabs are correctly
> processed.
> Here is the software version number:
> $ source-highlight --version
> GNU Source-highlight 3.1.6 (library: 4:0:0)
> Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Lorenzo Bettini <>
> This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
> This is free software; you may redistribute copies of the program
> under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
> For more information about these matters, see the file named COPYING.
> $ ctags --version
> Exuberant Ctags 5.8, Copyright (C) 1996-2009 Darren Hiebert
>   Compiled: Feb 14 2013, 05:31:39
>   Addresses: <address@hidden>,
>   Optional compiled features: +wildcards, +regex
> $ uname -r
> 3.14.17-100.fc19.x86_64
> Best regards,
> Toshiaki Yoshida

Hi there

If I remember correctly that's intentional: tabs together with
references would be hard to handle.

Of course, if you find a way to deal with these two features together,
please file a patch in the bugs system.


Lorenzo Bettini, PhD in Computer Science, DI, Univ. Torino
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