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[Help-source-highlight] Manual bugs (3.1.9 (library: 4:1:0))

From: K . Kurokawa
Subject: [Help-source-highlight] Manual bugs (3.1.9 (library: 4:1:0))
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 10:49:31 +0900

I have found two bugs on its manual. One is duplicate word, and the other is that <> was written but seems out of work, as no one is replying to me.

First, I sent the first bug to <>, as forwarded message. Original subject was: 3.1.9 (library: 4:1:0): Duplicate word on manual "source-highlight.1.gz"

-------- Forwarded message --------
午後4:03, 2021年1月18日, "K. Kurokawa" <>:
On line 9 (in gunzipped format) the word GNU appears twice as in:

<line no="9">
GNU GNU source\-highlight 3.1.9

This is seen on package "source-highlight" for Arch Gnu/Linux, as in:

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-------- End of forwarded message --------

Second, I realized that <> has <help-source-highlight> but doesn't <bug-source-highlight>; I thought that manual may be outdated.

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