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[Help-tar] Newbie Help-Windows GNU TAR

From: ak2
Subject: [Help-tar] Newbie Help-Windows GNU TAR
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 07:52:03 -0700 (PDT)

Hi.  I'm a newbie and have read the man info for this but haven't found an
answer.  I am using a build of GNU tar for Windows (v1.13).  I am attempting
to use to Tar to Tar a directory struction and save the resulting file to a
different location on a different drive (i.e. source files on local disk but
Tar file to be saved to a network drive).  I am also trying to find the
syntax to extract files from a TAR file to a different location (including
different drive).

I have followed the syntax in the tar --help pages as well as scoured the
web for info regarding this.  I thought that it would be as simple as (for
extracting): "tar --extract --file=archive_file.TAR c:\testing".
When I execute this command however, it tries to un-tar the files to their
original location instead of "c:\testing".

Any ideas?



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