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[Help-tar] tar | gzip problems

From: cooch17
Subject: [Help-tar] tar | gzip problems
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 07:10:48 -0700 (PDT)

Strange one - I have a large directory structure I'd like to tar up,
preserving permissions and links and such. I wrote a small script (say,
backup_files), which pipes tar to gzip to generate the .gz file.

cd /directory/of/interest
rm -r -f files.tar.gz
nohup tar cvpf -  . | gzip -9 > /directory/of/interest/files.tar.gz &

Seems to work fine, except that the .gz file is always reported as corrupted
(have tried 3-4 different archive tools to open and access files - they all
report that files.tar.gz is corrupt.

But...if I don't use a pipe

tar -cvpf files.tar *


gzip -9 files.tar

then the resulting files.tar.gz is absolutely fine. I've reproduced this
sequence 3-4 times now.

So, something I can't suss out when tar pipes to gzip is causing a major

Suggestions? Pointers to the obvious?

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