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Re: [Help-tar] tar patch to selectively divert named compressors to alte

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [Help-tar] tar patch to selectively divert named compressors to alternatives
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 13:38:20 +0300

ERSEK Laszlo <address@hidden> ha escrit:

> Your patch appeared on the list betwen me sending mine and mine
> appearing on the list, so no.

Ah, I see :)

> I think the motivation is that such a default option would allow
> automatically speeding up compression/decompression without changing scripts
> or routinely issued commands. Changing the compressor name directly to an
> alternative at compile time would work, but that would give no easy way out
> for people unpleased with that alternative.

OK, thanks for the explanation. Please allow me some time to think about

> Let's prepare a suggestion:
>     GNU tar should be patched in Debian to replace each instance of the
>     "bzip2" program name with "/etc/alternatives/bzip2-filter" (same for
>     "gzip" -> "gzip-filter" etc.), and pbzip2, lbzip2, pigz etc. should
>     install alternatives. The non-standard symlink names ("bzip2-filter")
>     signify that these alternatives are meant only for when filtering is
>     needed, not as general replacements. This way at least a system
>     administrator could change the compressors without local recompilation.

Looks reasonable, except that instead of "patching" the code,
I'd rather provide compilation time options for that. Variants are:

1. ./configure --with-compressor=bzip2=/etc/alternatives/bzip2-filter,gzip=...
2. ./configure --with-bzip2=/etc/alternatives/bzip2-filter --with-gzip=...
3. ./configure BZIP2_PROGRAM=/etc/alternatives/bzip2-filter GZIP_PROGRAM=...

In this particular case I'd rather implement (2). What do you think?


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