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explicit extraction of files behind (sym)links

From: Aiyion.Prime
Subject: explicit extraction of files behind (sym)links
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 10:13:23 +0200
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Good morning everyone,

I thought I knew my way around tar for a few years now, but learned I'm wrong about that yesterday evening:

I'm archiving a directory-structure, that does contain large redundant files.


I cannot change the pathing, as this is to be fed to a packagemanager, that requires it.

What I thought I could do, to not have an archive twice the size of `binaryblob13`, was to use sym- or hardlinks and the `-h` flag for creation.

So archiving this:

secondpath -> onepath/


tar --sort=name --owner=0 --group=0 --numeric-owner -chvf normal_sized.tar secondpath onepath ${mtime})

That would work like a charm if said packagemanger would extract the whole tarfile.

This is what it does though:

tar xf $tar_file secondpath/binaryblob13

And that works fine if I extract files from the directory first referenced in the creation command (in the case above secondpath) but returns an error for the latter directory I archived, as it tries to create a hardlink on disk pointing to what would've been the former extracted file. As it does not exist I've got a problem.

I'd like to avoid extracting all binaryblob13 references beforehand only to have the link I extract point to something valid.

Is there a flag to tell tar "I dont care if you have to seacrh the archive twice, but extract the original file instead of creating an (invalid) hardlink"?

I realize thats unuseable for actual tape-records, but maybe someone has a hint for me here.

Thanks in advance and have a nice morning,

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